MIRROR Nostalgia listed as best song of 2008

He may be wrong, and it’s a little late to notice it. Still this reviewer lists Nostalgia as best song 2008.

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Suicide Girls interview Thomas Anselmi

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MIRROR in NOW Magazine

“imagine an Andy Warhol-style Exploding Plastic Inevitable happening directed by David Lynch and scored by Serge Gainsbourg…”

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MIRROR reviewed in ReGen magazine

“This soundtrack is a veritable cornucopia of dark pop textures the likes of which will surely put many as much in the mind of the ’60s when Nico released Chelsea Girl as in the ’80s and early ’90s when Angelo Badalamenti released albums with Julie Cruise for David Lynch’s films. Pop-inspired melodies drift upon ambient waves of melancholic drama, transporting the listener into a world of gothic sensuality and sorrow.”

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MIRROR review in blogcritics.org

MIRROR is a marvelous album, an enthralling odyssey that takes you into a haunting world of inner emotions and leaves you spellbound.

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